Join the Virginia Association of EMS Practitioners to build a professional association to represent the professional interests of all of Virginia's EMS Practitioners by providing information, resources, and advocacy through the power of our membership.  Specific membership benefits are being worked out and there are opportunities for members to work to build VAEMSP into a strong voice for Virginia's EMS Community and its EMS Practitioners!

Benefits of VAEMSP:

  • VAEMSP Educational Programs -- exciting new continuing education and professional development programs
  • Possible discounts on continuing education programs
  • Advocacy -- represent Virginia's EMS Practitioners on committees
  • Additional benefits once our membership numbers grow
 Individual Memberships


VAEMSP membership is comprised of several levels, depending on EMS certification and dues:

Membership Level Membership Criteria
Regular Member Individuals certified as an EMS Practitioner by Virginia OEMS or the NREMT
Associate Member Individuals interested or involved in EMS not certified as an EMS Practitioner
Student Member Individuals who are enrolled in an initial EMS certification course


Special Membership Designations:

Founding Members:  Members who join VAEMSP during calendar year 2015

Charter Members:  Members who join VAEMSP during calendar year 2016

The membership designations acknowledge those members who joined early to help build the Association and support its mission.


 Membership Privileges


Membership privileges vary by the membership level:

Privilege Regular Member Associate Member Student Member
Eligible to to vote in elections Yes No No
Eligible to run for Director or Officer Yes No No
Eligible to serve on Committees Yes No Yes
Eligible to serve as Committee Chair Yes No No


 Membership Dues


Membership dues are payable on an annual basis or a one-time lifetime dues payment:

Membership Level Annual Combined w/ NAEMT Lifetime Online Application
Regular Member $25 $50 $250 Join Now!
Associate Member $25 $50 $250 Join Now!
Student Member $15 Not Available One Year Only Join Now!


*Note:  VAEMSP is an Affiliated Association with the National Association of EMTs and we have an annual combined membership of $50 which can be selected on the application form.  This combined membership provides membership in both NAEMT and VAEMSP for $10 more than by joining NAEMT alone (a 25% discount off of Active NAEMT membership).  Combined membership can be selected on the the VAEMSP Membership application for Regular and Associate memberships.


 Membership Application


Note:  The online membership applications are secure HTTPS forms with payment options (including a mail-in option for check payments)

Printable membership application

Mail printed membership applications to:  VAEMSP, 2018 Electric Road #220, Roanoke, VA 24018.
Include a check or money order as payment.  Do not send cash.






One of the missions of VAEMSP is to represent its membership on issues that impact EMS systems, the EMS work environment and EMS Practitioners.  In collaboration with the National Association of EMTs (NAEMT), VAEMSP works to support EMS issues on both state and National levels.

One of the advocacy initiatives of NAEMT is the Field EMS Modernization and Innovation Act, also called the EMS Field Bill, which would modernize EMS from the 20th Century model based on transport to an innovative patient-centered 21st Century system.  To learn more about the EMS Field Bill, visit the NAEMT Advocacy page.



Virginia's NAEMT Advocacy Coordinator is Allison Knox

  About Us

The Virginia Association of EMS Practitioners was formed in October 2014 by Anthony S. Harbour, James H. Gould, Jr., and Willard B. Hicks, Sr.  VAEMSP is Virginia's only organization solely dedicated to representing Virginia's EMS Practitioners at all levels, including Emergency Medical Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, and other professionals.  VAEMSP represents EMS Practitioners working in all aspects of EMS, including volunteer rescue squads, government service agencies, fire departments, hospital emergency departments and transport services, private companies, and industrial settings.

The purpose of VAEMSP is to:

  • Represent and serve Virginia's EMS Practitioners through advocacy, educational programs, and research
  • Encourage and facilitate education, training and continuing education of EMS Practitioners
  • Promote communications and cooperation among EMS Practitioners
  • Promote public understanding of EMS Practitioners and Systems
  • Encourage and promote career development and professional advancement of EMS as a profession


Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors is charged with the responsibility of establishing the Association and developing benefits and programs for the membership.  The Board of Directors consists of the following individuals:

President:  Anthony S. Harbour, BSN, MEd, RN, NRP
Vice-President:  James H. Gould, Jr., RN, NRP
Secretary:  Daniel Linkins, BS, NRP, NCEE
Treasurer:  Shannon Daniel, MS, EMT-I
Director:  Willard B. Hicks, III, NRP
Director:  Damien Coy, BS, NRP
Director:  Gregory S. Neiman, BS, NRP, NCEE
Director:  Willard B. Hicks, IV, NRP, CCEMT-P, FP-C



Standing committees are established by the bylaws of VAEMSP and these committees work with the Board of Directors to shape the future of the association.  Committee membership is open to Regular and Student Members of VAEMSP.  The following are the standing committees of VAEMSP:




Program and Awards







VAEMSP thanks all EMS Practitioners for their service as we celebrate EMS Week 2017


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Virginia Association of EMS Practitioners

2018 Electric Road #220
Roanoke, Virginia 24018

VAEMSP is an Affiliate of the National Association of EMTs